Since 2011, Harper’s Car Detailing has focused on and specialised in enhancing and glorifying the appearance of vehicles from Volkswagen and BMW, to Ferrari and Lamborghini.


From what originally started on my parent's driveway in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, cleaning my neighbour's cars, has turned into a passion which has allowed me to work on some of the most luxurious and rarest vehicles.

Not only do Harper's Car Detailing offer valeting and detailing services, we also offer a bespoke maintenance package to ensure that your vehicle keeps that 'better than' showroom finish.

So, what is car detailing?
In short, car detailing is a more in depth and extensive form of valeting. The idea is to polish, protect and enhance all parts of the vehicle from top to bottom, inside and out, using specialist machine polishers, products and techniques. Thereafter the car can be maintained to ensure that 'new car' look is restored time and time again.


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Maintain that 'just detailed' finish

The idea of a regular Maintenance Detail is to ensure that the vehicle is kept in the best possible condition. This detail is only available if your vehicle has undergone our Protection Detail, or even better, our Enhancement or Correction Detail.
Depending on the usage of the vehicle, we would recommend our Maintenance Detail at least every 4 weeks.

Prices From £50


Protect your car from the elements

Our Protection Detail is the foundation to any major detail, stripping back all surface contaminants such as tar, tree sap and industry fallout from all exterior surfaces.
This is then followed by a hand polish, which cleanses and enhances the surface's appearance, then topped off with that all important layer of protective Wax or Sealant.




Prices From £150



An introduction to paint correction and minor defect removal

Our Enhancement Detail is designed to remove minor paint defects, wash marring and light to moderate swirl marks, that can not be removed by hand.
This is then topped with a wax/sealant, or an upgraded more durable ceramic coating protecting the paintwork for years, not months.
This detail is perfect for new cars.

Prices From £275 * Dependent on vehicle size
Time Taken: 1 day


Striving for paintwork perfection

With our Paint Correction Detail the paintwork will be inspected to determine the level of correction that is required.
The vehicle will then undergo at least a two stage machine polish, depending on the severity of the defects.

The first cutting stage is designed to remove the deeper defects and swirl marks.
The final stage will refine and jewel the overall finish, creating the perfect surface for a layer of protection.
This is then topped with a wax/sealant, or an upgraded more durable ceramic coating, protecting the paintwork for years, not months.

Prices From £450 * Dependent on vehicle size
Time Taken: 2-3 day






Shamsi, Tesla - Enhancement Detail

Best thing we ever did having Nick ceramic our Tesla! SO effortless to clean her now! Would do it again in a heart beat


Ben, Mustang - Protection Detail

Fantastic Job! Great service and the level of finish is incredible. Would recommend in a heartbeat.

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Marc, Audi Q3 - Enhancement Detail

Great service very impressive workmanship and great price I now have a reliable and professional business to look after my vehicles!! a very happy client



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